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We will offer housing for rental. Currently we have no space to lend you the keys to and make it your home for chosen time, but keep yourself posted by signing up for our updates. 

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If you are interested in being contacted by us once we can offer you space to live in, please enter your email address and hope for the best!


We are part of the Marias Golden Eagle Group AB

Marias Golden Eagle Group AB is all about value optimization. The Liongare Properties is one of four firms within the group, and below you can read more about the other three players of value optimization. 


Get valuable insights about your market, locally as well as globally. 

GMAConsulting offers a range of Economic & Financial services for your growth and value optmizations.

If you need market research such as online survey and focus groups, or market analyses, business intelligence, or other related service, then the GMAConsulting is the company for you to put 2 and 2 together for the best outcome of your interest!

Joyride Publishing & Art Design

Art Gallery and Bookstore under the same roof? We believe that the Joyride Publishing & Art Design provides you with two of the communication worlds most colorful entities.

The books are mainly Ebooks within the Economic, Financial & Leadership genre, making value optimization and your richness understandable and fun for you to read about, engage in and start making to work for you.

The art is one of its kind. Some of it has been exhibited in the Swedish Parliament and the Castle Stockholm to name a few. None of it has been made available to the public for purchase, yet. 

Soon you will be able to get your hands on your own colorful pice of art via this upcoming Art Gallery.  

iAO intelligence by Asterios treasury Optimization

The value of a leader in shape and at its best cannot be underestimated for any organizations growth and prosperity!

Executive Leadership coaching is provided to you all the way from Sweden, via the iAOs coach Maria Bunyemen, to wherever you are through the online coaching program Joyride Leadership. 

Want to be the leader of today? Apply to the iAO's Leadership Program and start rocking your true leader within.